Smelling Good Is A Key To LIfe

Smelling good or not smelling at all is a big part of people's lives. Deodorants and perfumes are must haves for millions of people around the world. In many ways it defines who we are and creates impressions of how others view us. Body odor can leave a positive or a negative perception of an individual without saying a word.

How people go about accomplishing this varies from person to person. The most common method to combat body odor is with a simple deodorant, but there are other methods.

Perfume is another popular method. Unlike deodorants though, it covers up odor rather than eliminates it. Also, depending on what perfume you use, the scent can have positive and negative effects as well. Ever stood next to someone wearing a perfume or cologne that just didn't jive with your nose... it can be quite offensive.

A survey conducted in a recent magazine cited that 75% of people believe that the way they smell influences their success in both careers and social life. They believe that a positive scent increases the chances of landing a job, getting a promotion or getting a date.

Others however feel that it isn't important. They are more concerned with not putting unnatural things on or into their bodies. Health is the most important thing.

For these types of people there are alternatives. Natural deodorant or natural methods are often popular means of reducing malodor. People also make their own deodorants using ingredients found at the supermarket or health food store.

Either way, nobody likes to smell. Whatever your issue may be, there is a solution for you. You just have to look around.
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