Total Body Deodorant

Imagine if there was something that worked as an underarm deodorant, a breath mint and foot powder all in one; it'd be quite amazing. What if I told you there already is such a thing and it's something you see all around you? It's so common in fact that most people use it everyday.

Chlorophyll. It's found in all green plants including the vegetables that you eat every day. This amazing product of nature has the ability to remove odor from multiple sources in the human body. It works on underarm odor, bad breath and even those stinky feet problems.

Of course there is a bit more to reaping the rewards than just eating tons of greens, and that's where the magic of science comes in. By default the chlorophyll contained in plants is not water soluble and thus has low bio availability to humans. However, if you remove a single magnesium atom and put a copper one in it's place, things change. That tiny alteration creates the chlorophyll derivative known as copper chlorophyllin. Chlorophyllin, unlike chlorophyll is water soluble and is able to be absorbed quite easily into the human body.

People often wonder if the copper has any harmful effects due to absorption, and the truth is that is has very little impact; in fact the copper in chlorophyllin does not act in the same manner as copper from say piping. One thing the copper is known to do is work as an antibacterial agent against microorganisms that cause odor.

In addition, the water solubility of chlorophyllin gives it the ability to bind to odor compounds in the body. These odor compounds come from food and other biological activities, and they seep out of our pores, sweat and mouth. This is a primary source of malodor. By binding to these compounds, chlorophyllin is able to neutralize odor and remove it from the body before it can be released.

Hopefully this article shed a bit more light on chlorophyll and how it can work as a total odor eliminating solution. In addition to that, it also does not require the use of added chemicals such as aluminum salts, parabens or triclosan making it a healthier option as well.

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